Life has a Deadline

It’s nice to know that my life has a deadline.

I don’t work very well when I face the future. For the past month, whenever I look at the date February 14th, I see deadlines. Deadlines everywhere, piling up, crushing, suffocating, destroying my very self.


The confusement.


The date


The shock.

So what do I do? I’m usually rendered incapable of working, so I do my best to empty out my brain and focus on the here and now: Get this homework done first. Make that study guide. Finish your essay. Baby steps.

But the relative calm doesn’t last forever. In the last week, I’ve had a slightly different reaction to that date, and for the most part, all of February.


The concern




The Sheer and Utter Terror

What do I do?

Keep Calm and Study On

[okay maybe this was just an excuse to play with a webcam in the library DONT JUDGE ME]

2 thoughts on “Life has a Deadline

  1. Now looks like your dad very much.

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