Late night reflections

I’ve been working on an essay all day, so when I looked out the window around 11pm, after hearing about the snow from numerous friends, my first reaction was, wow, can’t believe I nearly missed the snow!

But then I looked out again, and noticed something peculiar. See, I like to call myself an amateur astronomer, and one of the things we astronomers like to do is look up at the stars at night. So. I’m pretty familiar with the darkness of my backyard around 11:30ish!

But rather than my eyes taking a couple of minutes to adjust to the dimness and mystery of the backyard, today’s scenery was different. I double checked my clock, just to make sure i was in the right time zone. Yep, still 11:32. But then why was it so bright outside?

Perhaps it is because of the relatively newness that I have with snow, growing up in East Tennessee, where you might get an inch a decade. I never realized just how bright snow could be, in the way that it reflects light. The white flakes that our eyes see are really just reflection and refraction of the light that has always been around us. But if it wasn’t for those small flakes, perhaps I would have thought that nighttime was always a time for darkness?

A little bit of reflection can go a long way in illuminating the true path. Not all of us necessarily need to find a path that no one had ever walked on; it is more than satisfactory to build on and improve the light of others.


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