Happy Birthday!

I usually don’t see myself as one of the popular kids. Eating lunch with me can be an arduous task as I poke at my food, or if you get stuck walking down a hall with me, I’ll be robotically marching forwards. Instead, I’m usually in a million events because I love being around these amazing people who can bring a smile to my face anytime. Every class, every club is a joy because of the time that I get to spend with my class mates.

Seeing and hearing such an outpouring of love today really sorta blew me away. My memory is dirt poor; I can’t unlock my gym locker, remember phone numbers, not even to mention birthdays, so I really couldn’t believe that people would remember mine. Although it isn’t the numbers that make me heart melt, but the realization that I have so many friends out there that care for me. I truly appreciate all of your kind words, and hope that I can bring as much joy to you as you have brought to me.

I believe that about a year ago, I wrote something to the point of celebrating people every single day of the year. Even though I still hold that to be entirely true, tough times through this year has made me reconsider bits and pieces of that. It might be somewhat impossible to always stay positive, but bright shining days can make dark storm clouds fade into the past. When I am struggling in the future, I’ll keep the love of my friends in mind!

For everyone else, happy spring equinox! The world has once again equalized in terms of hours of light and dark, and for us in the Northern hemisphere, we are moving towards bright days ahead :)


This picture is 100% not photoshopped. (Photoshop is way to fancy for me; paint is the way to go!)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. again, happy birthday chunny! :) and happy spring equinox haha you are always forever popular and everyone loves you!! <3

  2. Once again, happy birthday! (I think it’s the third time now.) You’re one of the nicest guys I know (I’m not kidding either). When people think about nice guys at Interlake, you’re one of the first that pops in mind, and I literally cannot think of anyone who doesn’t like you! You might not fit your definition of popular, but you’re definitely very well liked (: You’re so involved in everything you do, and you’re not one of those resume builders, but rather, you’re in these clubs because you truly have a passion for them and that’s really inspiring. You’re also so optimistic, and you truly bring a smile to lots of people’s faces. You’re never mean or moody either, no matter how hard things get for you, or how little sleep you get, and I know lots of people admire that about you. You’re also really selfless, and you do a lot of things for the good of others. Lots of people care about you, and think you’re a lovely person (: Happy Birthday!

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