Simulating Legs and Other Government Activities

After Government/History students are done regurgitating definitions and writing their page-a-minute analysis about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, most would be exhausted and ready to nap for the next week (or month) (or year). But not so at our school!

Legislature Simulator (or LegSim, which gives birth to a huge range of leg puns btw) is a website that allows every student to create their own legislation, which is followed up in class by floor debates, committee reports, and full house votes. It is a hustling and bustling activity, something that House of Cards fans might see as a chance to do some #PlayingPolitics, while the ideologues will push for broad and sweeping reform. Personally, I love it for the ability to express my opinions and see what I know about the government.

During our floor debates, one of the most brought up points was that the legislation we were debating over was not precise enough, or did not account for this section of the tax code, or marginalized these constituents in California’s 21st district. There was a lot of nit picking, primarily because we had learned that that was how real congressional legislation gets passed as well. Through the experience, I sorta got a sense for why our legislature has so much difficulty getting reform passed. If a group of 150 students, living in one of the most liberal areas of the country with similar ideologies and backgrounds, could not agree on a basic bill for teacher reform, how on Earth is Congress getting anything done at all?

Overall, it was a fascinating and eye opening experience for me. It was a great educational experience and I just really enjoyed all of it. Unfortunately, it seems like the bills that I wrote for it would die with the end of school, so why not make it eternal on here?

Net Neutrality Act v.3 RISE Act v.2

View as you would like!

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