What Happens in Vegas…

The Strip is one of the most extravagant and remarkable places to witness the insatiable wants and greed of mankind. From every single towering hotel and casino, to the panhandlers and merchants on the street, Las Vegas is clearly “sin city”.




And yet, in all of the haze here, I found a couple of epiphanies for myself. In no particular order, here they are.

1) I really treasure my independence. I love to walk through busy streets, small alleys, natural rock formations with only the company of my shadow. This is especially true when I am in a large city- I want to be able to explore crevices and details that are secret to others. At SSP, I typically found this through quiet walks across the campus, sojourning to the rock for a quiet moment. But in Vegas, it was sufficient to just leisurely stroll down in front of Ceaser’s Palace and be in awe of the sights.

2) I really need to be with other people. I apparently can’t stand long periods with nothing but my thoughts- I just enjoy listening to conversations far too much! It’s sorta like rainymood.com – the conversation and ideas emerging from other people help clear my own head a bit and leave me more focused for tasks. Of course, this isn’t the only reason I need other people- I’m a big talker too. At SSP, I had 35 other students that I could immediately turn around and talk to. Transitioning from that giant environment to one with only my parents has been tough. I feel much more isolated without constant chatter. But thank goodness for the modern internet- we students have created a massive group chat, which over the course of two weeks, has amassed some 12 thousand messages. It’s nice to have people around.

3) It isn’t possible to please everybody. Sometimes, events or choices will come up where there is no good choice. And yet, you need to do something. I think that everyone tends to fear these situations, preferring instead to shy away from speaking about them too much, while we should bravely face them. These situations are a good opportunity to learn more about who you are, and who you can be. Rather than focusing on how everyone else thinks, take a couple moments to find yourself in the mess and take the action you think would be best suited, and most satisfy your moral compass.

4) I really don’t want to just work for money. In walking around Vegas, I am fairly confident that all of the most expensive, most luxurious goods that money could buy is in this area. And while the glittering lights are attractive, I don’t think I could stay there for long. I need to work for something, work with a purpose in my mind.

None of these epiphanies were particularly earth shattering, or even necessarily new, but I did find it interesting that I could learn about myself even while in Vegas.

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