Like a pony….

I’ve been writing an obscene amount these days, from college apps to abstract college English responses. At times, it feels like I’m doing more writing than thinking, which is quite definitely a bad thing. In fact, you could even say that my inner voice is like a pony- it is a little hoarse.

Thank goodness my pun glands don’t quit xD

But truthfully, I did not expect this year to be so busy, yet unfulfilling to some extent. Often, the writing assignments leave me more confused, as I don’t know the purpose of them. I’m of the belief that one needs to think before they speak, so being forced to write response after response almost takes away my thinking process. Instead of evoking easier, it becomes more painful to listen to my jarbled words tumble out of my mouth.

At the same time, senior year is nice. I’ve finally stepped into a role of seniority (imagine that!) where I can try to help underclassmen with advice and stories. But at the same time, I feel more lost because there are no longer that many people *I* can complain to- many of my best friends are far too busy, and I would feel guilty if I complained! I don’t know if I have to maintain an air of confidence, or at least I can candidly speak with other people.

Idk, just feeling a bit lost. The world is so vast, I don’t really know who to talk to.