One Direction

It’s the end of an era: I’m currently free from most obligations. That is, I’m free of most obligations that I’ve had since entering high school. For once, I do not have mandatory research reports, nor any college essays to write. There aren’t deadlines that I’m staring into, nor huge projects that I should be stressing over. Heck, even my previous byline: “Musings from the IB” no longer applies because of the glorious fact that I’m no longer in IB!

Freedom can be quite intoxicating. Suddenly, there are no external factors commanding me to go anywhere. Conversation with my parents has turned from “Have you completed the project due tomorrow?” to “Uh… is there anything fun to do in Seattle?” I can do with my life whatever I want!

But, freedom can be intoxicating.

These past few days have not been the most productive. I completed a puzzle, read some poetry, typical stuff. However, there was something new, something I haven’t encountered for a very long time: Boredom. I started to recall the horribly stiffling summers in middle school, where I would need to stay at remarkably dull summer camps given the lack of stay-at-home parents. Back then, I would have to invent ways just to pass the time and watch each second slowly, leisurely, saunter by.

With the duties of school and internship, these fits of boredom have been very lacking over the past four years. It seems as if every moment is filled with some urgent business to be taken care of, or at least something that I have been putting off. But now, the boredom returns. Or does it?

Boredom truly is a state of the mind. I’ve found that as soon as I decided to focus myself in one direction, it slowly fades into the background. By becoming absorbed into a task, I know that I will learn something useful, or at least have a good story to tell! As long as I’m able to find a topic that I’m interested in learning , I am happy.

Today, that joy is figuring out how my DSLR camera work. Yesterday, it was playing with github and learning how to use these bash shells. The day before, I was exploring a little bit of the kickstarter economy, and why things are related together. My daily directions don’t really seem connected, but they all push me forwards to do something and to learn something. I refuse to sit down, idly browsing through Epic Rap Battles or these horrifically addicting idle games. I will must learn.



Here’s your bloody One Direction photo for those who came seeking it. Blehapowefh


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