Day whatever I don’t care any more

Dead. I don’t feel anything as of now. Sat in a freezing car for the last 1.5 hours. Got my butt handed to me on a silver plate even after winning two rounds. Don’t really understand anything, including the words coming out of my mouth.

IDK even more. so tired. so much homework. not coherent sentences….just USFG does this this and that.

i need sleep. bai.

Day 10 of 31: Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall/Who’s the fairest of them all?

Almost everyone who was raised in some sort of Western civilization has heard the story of Snow White. Equally poignant is the main antagonist of the story, the evil queen whose goal is to become the fairest of the land. As legend goes, she looks into a mirror and finds Snow White, who she finds to be more fair. She attempts to kill her with a single poisoned apple, but she returns with Prince Charming to save the day.

Stop. Literary Analysis time.

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Day 9 of 31

You know what, this is going to only update every two days. That might help with my conscience about not updating. There. Done. Don’t expect anything more, but be on the look out for less.

It’s a wee bit sad how much I tend to procrastinate, even on procrastination itself. I could have been writing anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half ago, but instead, I’ve been playing a flash game. Curse you upgrade games making me NASA and controlling these cute little rockets! You have my brain in your grasp!

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Day 7 of 31

Don’t you think its weird how the days seem to skip around like this?

Well, it’s been an eventful two days, but before I get started on that, a quick shoutout to another blog I stumbled upon (ahaha, see what i did there?)

I suppose that it was a respectable travel blog, going over some of the more interesting details of life, but the problem about it was that the same exact thing can be found everywhere. EVERYWHERE. The internet is growing old and large, looming over 2/3rds of a zettabyte, according to this study by Cisco, which is a pretty darn good company to be looking into this stuff. The point is, there isn’t that much new stuff on the internet. Any “amazing” ideas you are about to have have probably been done ages ago somewhere else better and faster than you have done.

Whelp, that’s depressing. I think existentialism is getting to me.

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Day 4 of 31

What do you mean I didn’t publish anything for yesterday? I blame the time skip; obviously all of the extra hours I got made the post disappear from the stream of time.

Well, another day….another chapter of APUSH. Man, I’ve really been run down today. Just the sheer stress of the weekend has really been getting to me. I slept straight from midnight to 12:30, giving me 13 and a half hours of sleep with the daylight saving’s time. Of course, I woke up at 6:00 to start on my APUSH, but then again, I fell back asleep about an hour later. My parents really don’t need to know about that.

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Day 2 of 31: Hey, I haven’t given up yet!

Whelp, I’m still writing. What a surprise; I expected that little burst of creativity to be dead by now. I guess that there is some part of me that really believes what my brain attempted to regurgitate yesterday night.

What do you mean it’s 7:15 of the next day’s morning, as you “forgot” to wake up at 1 to get some of that homework done? What slander are you saying? *sigh……

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It’s 2am and what is this I don’t even

…Why am I still up. Yay for an iPhone alarm clock that is smarter than the half-asleep me that tries to turn it off! And yay for midnight calc homework!

Today, or rather, yesterday, was the start of the 2012 National Novel Writing season, a frantic scramble to get 50,000 words out of the blankness of our minds and directly onto digital print. Yes, you need to write a novel in a month! How crazy is that! But the truth is, if you don’t practice hard at something, such as writing, you just won’t get better at that skill. Even if you make crap stuff right now, the forcing of yourself to do that steels you for the future.

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