Summer Reflections

Even if I haven’t learned anything this summer, there is one valuable skill that I am so happy to have come into contact with. Something that others seem to be so natural at, and something that I have had to work on.

I’ve begun to learn how to actually interact with people!

Yes, go ahead. Laugh at me, smirk at my incompetence. I’m not going to go on a huge spiel here, but as a child, I didn’t really … talk to people? I was that bookworm, that slightly weird kid in the corner. I spent my time reading or practicing, not playing or *shudder* exercising. Even in the later days of middle school, where friendships actually begin to blossom, I didn’t have that easy connection with others.

It might be something a lot more common than I think, but it was just so hard to talk to other people. Conversations had awkward beginnings, awkward endings, and you can bet your hat that there were lots of awkward pauses in between. I didn’t approach others without a question and half a conversation mapped out in my mind.

But lately, I’ve been learning how to be human again. Slowly learning how to just banter and talk with no purpose at all, just to become someone who doesn’t get on other people’s nerves. Like a reluctant turtle poking his head out of his shell, I am exploring.

What perhaps is most amazing is that there are tons of people out there also as awkward as I am! Such a great discovery, something I wish I really found out earlier. It is great to just go out there and mess up, screw up or do whatever. It is what I learned this summer. And oh, I am so glad that I did.

Interesting People

This isn’t about how to be interesting, or even about the interesting people that I’ve met. Instead, it is about the qualities that I perceive to make someone’s words or actions just pop a little more than your average Joe.

So, a simple list of qualities I think this Most Interesting Man in The World should have:

  • Sharp Eyes
  • A Mouth
  • Good Memory
  • Good Brain

…and yeah, that is about it! A shorter list than what even I expected, but really, those are the only features that I believe make someone interesting.

Let’s explain this, shall we?

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Good Parenting

One does not simply fish without introspection.

Especially if one is fishing at the edge of a beach, with both arms freezing off, as we forgot all of our warm clothing at home. Because when we left Seattle, it was a balmy 85 degrees, and apparently nobody realized that the temperature actually decreases at night. Who knew?

I sigh as I categorize yet another fact into my list of “Things to Change When I am a Parent” that I keep in my head, when I stop and reconsider.

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What next?

Education is in shambles and there is clearly some problem in the system. Even if we don’t agree on the exact root cause of the problem, although the “grouping everyone into one big program” argument sounds pretty sound to me, we do agree that there is a huge problem with what is going on. However, we are students after all. Any real reform that we can do will not be experienced for many years, at least until after we graduate or even when those pesky younger cousins graduate. It is hard to change the direction of such a large program with so much inertia, and while it is possible, it would take lots of time and lots of money.

Still, it is in the face of true difficulties that the beauties of humanity can most aptly be shown. Even if we are not able to change the entire world immediately, there are so many small steps that we can take in order to incite an air of revolution. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, so we better make sure that step is towards the right direction.

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