Marchin’ On

A battalion, 64 in 8 rows, on the dusty road
kilometers of unbrokeness, behind and ahead.
each wearer soldier no longer of his own
his mind and his past disappears in his trek.

Doom and despair are left in the wake,
shattered shards of heart left in Saigon.
What could we do, what actions can we take?
only to head towards eternity, forever marching on.

Minds over Matter (Anesthesia and Vicoprofen)

Part I:

Time: 10:05, night before surgery

Honestly, this is just a bit of a prewrite done on a crappy iPad keyboard that is only being worked on due to no other devices. Yeah yeah, too spoiled. Whatever.

I wanted to just sorta document my mental state, and my current worries, before going in to the surgery, which will be the first time in my memory of going under general anesthesia, something that I find to be completely fascinating.

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