Welcome to a site of ramblings and 1 am postings. Where imagination goes to be released and immediately slaughtered in the harsh, cruel internets.

I’m not the kind of guy who would actually be writing much. But hey, a kid has got to have somewhere to blab out to the world, at which point the world would, calmly and politely, reach over the aisle and slap me for making yet another teen blog.

Hopefully not too much angst will be self evident throughout here, and instead some ideas that might actually be interesting. Of course, being interesting was one of the sacrifices that IB demands from you in return for a 4.0, so no promises shall be made.

Maybe you’ll find out something about me that you never knew before? That shouldn’t be too surprising, as I’m also discovering things not even I knew about myself. Stupid me, keeping ideas shut away from myself.

Ja, I am inane.

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