Who is this kid?

For those out there who want to know me a little better, and for those who just want to stalk me a little more easily:

Hello, internet! My name is Chunyang Ding, although essentially everyone calls me Chunny, a nickname that stuck while I was in the third grade down South and where kids didn’t really like pronouncing unfamiliar names.

I’m a pretty awkward kid, who has no idea what to do with his hands while talking and can’t dance if my life depended on it, but I’m also interested in a lot of things. I have a lot of irons in a lot of fires, and making mistakes is oft too common for me.

I like to think a lot, so if I accidentally walk past with an odd look on my face and ignore your wave, its more likely that I’m just puzzled by a mathematical theorem than I tried to ignore you. I think that everything in life has at least 3 different sides, and most issues are a lot more complicated, so I might be a little slow in giving an answer because I’m trying to hear the whole story.

There’s a whole wide world out there, and I intend to explore as much of it as I can, whether it is through crawling through the more … perhaps questionable … parts of the internet, or just learning as much  of the science around us as I can. I am a little bit geeky and might freak over some small advance in physics, but I am just as passionate about reading a good book or having a nice 1AM talk to a fellow procrastinator.

I am rather active in our school, serving as three officer-level positions in our clubs, as well as being a great enthusiast of all things. I know how to deal with basic finance items in our school, after organizing several fundraisers including the Pi Day fundraiser for math club, as well as how to secure corporate donations, in the Interlake Invitational Math Competition.

Most importantly, I like to help people. My philosophy is that something great is achieved only when everyone benefits, which is why I am committed to helping out my friends via Facebook on homework or if they just want to chat. I am a rather good listener, even if my natural tendency is to be sarcastic.

Other information about me: I like indie rock and pop music on top of angsty teenage music, as Ingrid Michaelson and Imagine Dragons are quickly becoming my favorites. My dad is a nuclear engineer who frequents trans-pacific trips to China for business matters, while my mom got her degree in educational psychiatry in China, although she is working in IT now. I essentially have no artistic skills whatsoever, resulting in the rather plain posters that went up around the school, but really do appreciate the art that others make. I probably most look up to Richard Feynman, this brilliant physicist who is renowned for being a great teacher as well as a completely crazy person to be around with.

Favorite books include anything by John Green, Harry Potter and etc, while favorite TV show is definitely House. Man, that dude is just too awesome. I read manga on the side, although Homestuck is something that you all should check out. I love tea, but only unsweetened green tea; I drink maybe 5-6 cups per night. I dabble into poetry, just see the tab to the right, while I’m a bit perfectionalistic, although procrastination is slowly ruining that trait.

I hope that you got to know me a little bit better after reading this, but if you have any questions, just email me at seattlechunny@gmail.com or comment below, and I’ll add on your question/reply!

4 thoughts on “Who is this kid?

  1. Although you’re quite younger than me, I will admit that I thoroughly enjoy reading about your perspective on AP testing, as well as our current (terrible) educational system – very mature writing for your age.

    I’m curious about three things:
    1. How do you study? In that I mean on a regular basis for all subjects, and for exams/tests?
    2. What college(s) will you be applying to?
    3. How do you think up your blog post ideas?

    • Hello! Thanks for finding my ramblings :3

      1. I usually study in a rather traditional form, with lots and lots of books and notes. Even though I love my computer to death, I would prefer to study with an actual physical book/notes. That and how computers are a gateway to distractions (facebook, twitter etc) I would say that my study habits aren’t too bad, I do have a tendency to procrastinate, although I am trying to change that!

      2. To be honest, my dream college is MIT, which sorta flies into the face of some of the things that I’ve written, but I think I want to go there not just because of the brand name, but from another experience. I was at this summer camp at Stanford last year, and one of the best things about it wasn’t just the professors, but the way that everybody was able to build off of each other. Even though I’m sure that kind of good environment is abundant in colleges around the world, I really want to see that at MIT. I think I’ll also be applying to UW, UTK, UCal-Berkeley, Caltech, and probably several others, but not entirely sure :P

      3. Haha, blog post ideas usually come from just something I think about or notice through a typical day, and if I think that it is marginally interesting, then I just start rolling the idea around in my head. Lots of ideas die at this point, or get saved as a draft that I’ll never finish. After I’ve sorta planned out a response, I just sit down and type as much as I can. I don’t edit nearly enough, so it is more of an impulsive publish and run type of deal haha.

      • Oops, I should have rephrased my first sentence – my apologies for sounding like a conceited person and that I had a belief that I didn’t enjoy reading younger people’s writing D:

        Also, thanks for answering my inquiries! I’m pretty sure you’ll get into MIT, or any school you apply to, because of the way you present and apply yourself. Good luck when admissions season comes around for you!

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